We deliver observation-based recommendations for improvement of security ranked by criticality and cost-benefit factoring. Contract security companies often use our services to conduct initial security assessments prior to taking on new sites.

Push-to-Talk allows instant voice communication to all mobile users on the network. This function allows staff to focus on the job at hand while being supported by highly stable, reliable and endless communication.

PSK Push-to-Talk is essentially, a national two-way radio service for businesses that prefer the stability of mobile phones instead of traditional two-way radio systems.  Push-to-Talk utilises national cellphone networks for communication. Similar to two-way radios, broadcasts can be made to everyone on the network but with Push-to-Talk, users can now communicate one-on-one or in predetermined groups.

PSK Push-to-Talk is a simple, yet effective, application which can be incorporated into almost any modern-day mobile smartphone. It therefore reduces the need for additional mobile radios should users already have a compatible handset, and the devices can be used as regular mobile phones. There is no need to carry both a mobile phone and radio device.

We review security, safety, and emergency programs in places of worship, regional municipalities, multi-facility businesses, and remote outposts – we examine and fill critical gaps in technical documentation and policy, conduct close observation of daily security service delivery, bring in technical experts to introduce problem-specific solutions, and facilitate interviews on behalf of our clients with stakeholders – listening to all those needing to be heard.